Look For the Golden Nugget

Sometimes we as humans experience events that interrupt the trajectory of our life. Four months ago, I was told I needed a major surgery. It felt surreal. Like the doctor was speaking to someone who was not me. Little by little the reality sank in and when the day was set then it truly became real.

But, when these sorts of life-altering events or setbacks occur, there is often a golden nugget.  Something to learn and appreciate.

I had my surgery and I’m in the midst of a slow recovery period. Do I wish it would go faster? Yes. Do I wish it were different? Not really. My golden nugget is that I have been given an opportunity to be healthier and alive. This opportunity has also given me the time to decipher what’s next? What do I truly want to do, and to set boundaries to honor those choices. I always said I don’t have the time to ponder the “what’s next?” questions in a deep way. Now I clearly see that I never carved the time or set the necessary boundaries to truly explore them. 

I share this narrative with two purposes. First, I wanted to explain why I’ve been out of the office and haven’t sent out a newsletter in a few months. But secondly, and more importantly, I wanted to invite you to look for your golden nugget when things don’t go according to plan. A shift in mindset can be an important positive step when things seem to be going in the wrong direction.


Is there anything you can learn from the situation? Is there a new perspective on the matter that you can take? How can you open yourself up to new opportunities brought by unexpected events? And how can you set limits to honor yourself?

Grateful! Be well,

Ana Isabel Sánchez