Benefits of Adult ADHD/EF Coaching:

Adult ADHD coaching unlocks a world of benefits that extend beyond achieving your goals. Just like some of the worlds most successful athletes, entrepreneurs and politicians, having a life coach can keep you focused when gaining self-awareness and overcoming difficulties. 

Some of the many benefits of ADHD/EF Coaching include:

  • Minimizing procrastination
  • Widening perception of options
  • Understanding yourself better
  • Creating a supportive environment
  • Managing impulsivity and distractions
  • Setting boundaries with yourself + others
  • Reducing blame and increasing confidence

26 Benefits of Adult ADHD Coaching

Hiring a Coach for My ADHD Transformed My Life and Productivity 


What are Executive Functions?

  • Executive function and self-regulation skills are the mental processes that enable us to plan, focus attention, remember instructions, and manage multiple tasks successfully.
  • The abilities associated with executive functioning don't all develop at once, but rather in a sequence -- one skill building atop the next, All of the executive functions interact with each other, and impact how individual regulate their behavior to create positive future outcomes.
  • We all have executive functioning strengths and challenges that affect every aspect of our lives.
  • EF direct our actions, control our behavior, and motivates us to achieve our goals and prepare for the future. In a nutshell, EF enables us to plan, focus attention, remember instructions, and manage multiple tasks.
  • Executive functioning differences are not something we outgrow.
  • We can all improve our executive functioning skills no matter our age!
  • It takes experimentation and awareness to discover which tools and strategies work best for each person.

People with ADHD will experience numerous and sometimes deeper challenges in the areas of executive function.


Benefits of Mindfulness Coaching

Repeatedly being mindful, through formal practice and/or in daily life, appears to have important effects on mental processes and underlying neural circuitry (Lutz, Slagter, Dunne, & Davidson, 2008).  

Increased sense of coherence, an altered perception of stressors, development of an observing attitude, changes in spirituality, improved attention-related functions, and cognitive flexibility (Dobkin, 2008; Dobkin & Zhao, 2011; Greeson et al., 2011; Kerr, Josyula, & Littenberg, 2011; Moore & Malinowski, 2009).

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Benefits of Mindfulness Coaching at Work

The number one benefit to companies is the effect coaching has on their bottom line. When employees receive coaching, they are more likely to remain in the company. This means turnover reduces. By 2020, US companies can expect to pay $680 billion in turnover costs (Work Institute, 2018). 

Simpson (2010) found that coachees in leadership positions experienced several perceived benefits:

  • improved personal skills and behavior
  • more considered work-life balance
  • better decision making
  • improved interpersonal skills
  • better career planning
  • increased confidence
  • enhanced self-awareness