Client FAQ's

Are there professional standards for coaching practices?

Yes, there is a code of ethics, core competencies, accreditation processes and an International Coach Federation (industry association) that promotes the advancement of coaches. To learn more about this click here: There is also a code of ethics and core competencies for coaches specializing in ADHD coaching. To learn more please click here:

Why Adults and Working Professionals?

The challenges of life don't stop once a career goal is achieved or a business is established. As a certified ADHD/EF life coach and leadership coach, I partner with adults who aspire to continue learning and growing.

In collaboration with my clients, I help them to realize their potential and find a way forward with practical tools, mindful support and techniques tailored to their individual needs and wants. They may be stuck in place of trying or may not know where to start, but together we're able to identify a path to success that works for them. 

How will I know you are the right coach for me?

During our initial conversations we will identify if this is an appropriate fit. I am a true believer that coaching works when both client and coach feel comfortable in the coaching relationship. Interview me, ask me questions and if you would like, I can give you names of some great coaches you can interview! 

How do I get started in the coaching process? 

If you are interested in finding out more about coaching or beginning the coaching process, please contact me via phone or email so we can schedule our initial discovery session to further explore the details of the coaching relationship.

What can you expect from me as your coach?

1. Be a partner allowing you to bring out the best in you;
2. Provide safety, encouragement and support; an environment in which you can relax and explore;
3. Respect the confidentiality of the agreements we make;
4. Expand your view of what is possible and promote discovery of new insights;
5. Give you input, straight feedback and operate as a sounding board;
6. Listen carefully to what you say and ask questions that increase awareness;
7. Be an on-going resource for you in accomplishing your intentions;
8. Hold you accountable as part of your learning process.

Security & confidentiality

Is this client center and my data secured and safe?

Yes!  In fact, there are 3 levels of security: provided to keep your data safe and confidential  1 – username and password protected 2- Verisign Security Certificate protects your data on this site 3- https:// secured pages

Is my information confidential?

Yes.  This site is protected by  a username/password system.  You are the only one that has access to your information.

Additional Support

Can I contact you in-between our scheduled coaching sessions?

Yes!  In the event that you would like support on something that comes up in between our meetings, you can email me and we can have “just in time” coaching via email, text or FB chat!

Accessing the Private Client Area

I have a password that I use for most of my on-line accounts.  Can I change the password you assigned to me?

Yes.  When you receive your login credentials, you will use the "Forgot Password link" to set your password before logging in. You can change your password at any time you are logged in under your Client Profile Page.

What if I forget or lose my password and login information?

If you simply forgot your password, you can still go to the Login Link.  Enter your username and click on the “I Forgot My Password Button”.  You will need to reset your password as the system does not send passwords via email due to security reasons.

If you misplaced both your username and your password, contact me via email and I will forward you your information.

I’m trying to log in, but it will not accept my username or password, what do I do?

Remember that the login information is case sensitive, so enter it exactly like it was given to you.  If you are unsure what that is, you can contact me via email and I’ll forward that to you.

Scheduling/Re-Scheduling Appointments

What if I need to reschedule my appointment?

It’s easy.  with at least a 24 hour notice, you can reschedule any appointment by using the on-line calendaring system, by using the following steps:

  1. Click on the Calendar Link at the top, center of this webpage
  2. Locate blocks of “Available” time (these are represented by light blue blocks)
  3. Locate your current appointment and click on the title of the appointment (this will open an editing screen)
  4. Click on the “Edit” button and change the details of the appointment to correspond with an “Available” block of time.
  5. The calendar will update itself, you’ll see your new appointment reflected and I will receive an email notification letting me know of the change.

Paying for the coaching services

How do I easily make my payments for my coaching services?

Each month you’ll receive an invoice from my practice letting you know the amount committed to for that month.  You can (1) mail a check to the remit to address located right on the invoice or (2) log in to the private client area, click on the “Payments” tab and you will see any outstanding balances due at that time. 

What are the various methods of payment I can use to pay for my coaching services?

Check, Pay Pal, and Venmo.

  • To pay by Check:  to pay by check, simply use the “remit to” address located right in the body of the invoice you’ll receive monthly from my practice.
  • To pay by Pay Pal:  when you receive you monthly invoice, click on the link at the bottom of the invoice (Or log into the private client area) and click on the “Payments” tab.  Here you can either enter your pay pal information and my system will automatically (and securely) process your payment.
  • If you want to pay by Venmo you will see the information to use in the NOTES section of the invoice.

If you have any questions about the invoices or other technical issues please contact my assistant, Ginger Derrickson at