Meet Ana

 Ana Sánchez |

Certified ADHD & Executive Functions Life Coach

Where It All Started.

With a background in law, you might be wondering what caused me to shift and redirect my passion into coaching. Before this journey began, I started volunteering at the school my two sons attended, working in small groups or 1:1 with students who benefited from focused attention.

One day, the counselor of the school mentioned that I would make a great EF coach. Now, while she may not remember this short hallway conversation, hearing her words changed my life. I began researching, then studying and then training, collecting a host of certifications along the way.

Fast forward a decade or so and here I am. Today, I partner to spot my clients' strengths, elevate their unique skill set and develop awareness and understanding of their differences. By working with my clients, I help them harness their strengths, leading to increased self-determination and success in areas that may have been holding them back.

Who Am I as a Coach?

I pride myself on helping my clients explore life's flow with curiosity and passion. Seeing the best in people helps me succeed, identifying their strengths and helping them to set productive intentions for the future. I meet my clients where they're at on their personal journey and with clear purpose, show them possibilities. I believe my clients are creative, resourceful, and fully capable of deciding what's best for them. I'm here to offer support, share strategies, and celebrate them along the way! Together as collaborative partners, we build a foundation that makes gaining skills and embracing strengths possible.

My Coaching Vision is Simple: Differences are Not Deficits.

As humans, there is not one right way of thinking, learning or behaving. There ways we interact and experience the world will never be the same, and as a coach I choose to celebrate those differences.