Success Stories

What Clients are Saying... 

Ana has an uncanny ability to help clients recognize their strengths and make powerful choices from that place.“  Rachel, late 30s 


 "The lesson I learned from Ana, which I continue to practice, is to forgive myself. We often carry a big load of guilt or embarrassment over unfinished tasks or projects. Ana taught me to let it go and be mindful in the present."  Isabel, late 20s


"Thanks for all your help this past year with my son. It was amazing seeing him grow and have success. You have such a wonderful way with kids. I am so thankful you came into our lives."  C is 16 years


"I couldn't have gotten through college without Ana. She taught me to advocate for myself and navigate college. She held me accountable without judging and was there for me during the good times and bad." KA, 24 years


"Thanks to you I learned how to cultivate a routine that is sacred, playful, flexible and fun. Routines give me energy and provide me a way to be consistent with showing up for myself and others, so thank you for teaching me the importance of them and anchors and how sometimes I may need more or less at a time. But in the end of the day having them is what allows me access to my authentic joyous self! Thank you for being the best mentor there is!" R, 31 years